Hey, I'm Sarah, a Berliner from the bottom of my heart, but only really happy when it's green around me. That's why all kinds of plants live in my home. I prefer cacti. But I like them even better when they prick at me in the wild. California is my place of longing. Immediately followed by Iceland. There are no spiky branches there, but moss, goblin stories, sea life, volcanoes, woolly sweater luck and whales. I also love books that take me to adventure lands.

In 2014 I knitted “Gretas Schwester” from all these longings. With my team, I create handcrafted things from fabric, enamel and paper that inspire world explorers big and small to explore the planet. Travel and baby books, calendars, bears, posters, postcards and mugs are just some of the many products we offer. It is particularly important to us to work with sustainable materials. We only use recycled paper and organic cotton. Each product is illustrated by hand, processed with love and locally produced.As often as possible and as long as the little ones allow it we pack our suitcases and are on the go to be inspired to even more subtleties, which make life more colorful, the desire to wander greater and the home even more cozy.