Aloha, I'm Sarah, a Berliner at heart, but I'm only really happy when there's greenery around me. That's why I'm drawn out into nature as often as possible. Whether in the Brandenburg forests, the glaciers of Iceland or the barren beauty of Portugal.

In 2014 I knitted “Gretas Schwester” out of all these longings. With my team, I create handmade things out of paper, fabric and enamel that make explorers big and small want to explore the planet. Travel and baby books, calendars, posters, postcards and mugs are just a few of the many products we offer. It is particularly important to us to work with sustainable materials. We only use recycled paper and natural cardboard. Each product is hand illustrated, made with love and produced locally.

We pack as often as possible and the small vegetables allow the suitcases to inspire us on the go to even more subtleties that make life more colourful, the wanderlust greater and home even cosier.